catsWhat We Do:

 Cody & Bj provide high energy, interactive, original, children’s music shows.

Volunteers help out by being singers, band members or helping to lead other fun activties.



All Songs Have Positive, Encouraging Messages And Age Appropriate Lyrics.

Our Mission:


Music really is the international language.  Bringing people of all walks of life and nationalities together in common enjoyment of sound and beat.  That’s why you’ll find kids of all ages and backgrounds having a blast, singing, dancing and performing with each other.


Our shows highlight the children as active participants.


“Interactive” is truly the definitive word when it comes to describing a Cody & Bj show. 


With all original music and lyrics, our hope is to inspire people of all ages to give back to society, help our Mother Earth, and contribute to making the world a better place.



**Cody & Bj Productions, Inc. is a family owned/operated business emphasizing music as the universal language.**

Who We Are:



Cody & Bj raised their family of 5 kids (4 boys, 1 girl) and multiple animals, (dogs, rabbits, cats, fish, guinea pigs, iguana, parrots) in Northern Virginia, where they still reside.  


Their 5 “kids” are grown now, but the house is still full of love and animals, currently 2 German Shepherds (Emma Prancer & Harry) and 2 Macaw Parrots (Cheyenne & Roxie)


Cody is an award winning songwriter who has been in the music business for over 35 years.  His years performing live, followed by his years in the jingle business writing and producing music for television and radio commercials, led him to the next stage of his career … children’s music.


Bj spent a large part of her childhoold on a very small island in the Pacific Ocean named Saipan.  It was living there that she grew to love animals and nature as the island was full of both. Spending many, many hours swimming in the ocean with dolphins and other sea creatures and exploring the island jungles, she learned about our beautfiful, fragile, Mother Earth and the many wonderful animals that live here.  Moving back to the United States she sang in her church choir, took piano and dance lessons for years which began a love for music and performance.  Bj has never lost her love for animals, “saving” as many animals growing up as her parents would allow and then moving to Colorado to explore the Rocky Mountains and then teaching her kids to love and respect animals too.


Together Cody & Bj share their message with children,  just as they did with their own kids.  It’s a simple message … love and respect … for each other, our planet Earth, and all the creatures that live here with us.

We Love Our Pets Too!

This is our German Shepard, HARRY! He loves to chase soccer balls and cuddle on the couch. Harry is a funny dog that knows exactly how to make your day fun and full of love!

This is our other German Shepard EMMA PRANCER! She is a silly girl, and even half blind. That doesn't stop her from having fun and making us laugh!


We also have two beautiful macaws ROXIE and CHEYENNE! You may even get a chance to meet them because they love coming to shows to educate the public about how to protect the rainforest. They also love to climb all over their perches and say "I love you" to Cody & Bj.