Make Somebody Happy!


This BRAND NEW SHOW is all about just what the title says.  Making friends, family and yes, even strangers happy.  The songs in this show are about making new friends and showing people how to be human to each other.  There are some really fun activities including 2 spelling songs!  Children are invited to get up and help us spell out fun words like ‘HAPPY’ and ‘LOVE’ in an effort to show them that being kind to others only makes this a better planet to live on.  Featuring some of Cody’s NEW MUSIC and Bj’s FUN ACTIVITIES you can’t afford to let this show pass you by.


Available:  January, March, April, September, November

**Sorry Friends We Are Having Some Trouble With Our ‘Reservation Form’ So Please EMAIL ([email protected]) Cody & Bj To Book Your Next Show!**